Here at the Mayfair Practice we offer Velashape III, which is a non-surgical approach to body contouring and skin firming.  The technology is also FDA approved for reducing the appearance of cellulite. The Velashape III combines ELOS technology, which uses bi-polar radio frequency, infrared energy and massaging vacuum to improve contouring and firming to:

  • Thighs, calves, bums and hips
  • Upper arms, bra-rolls and love handles
  • Post-pregnancy saggy tummies
  • Cellulite on arms, legs and bums

The Velashape treatment stimulate blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and also helps metabolise fat cells.   This results in firming of the skin, whilst improving contours and cellulite.  A series of treatments leaves the skin healthier and smoother.


VelaShape™ lll has unique Elos technology that combines electrical (Bi-polar RF) and the optical (Infrared) energies with vacuum and mechanical massage of the skin tissue to provide high levels of efficacy and safety. These technologies combined work to improve the skin tone and texture along with reducing the appearance of cellulite as well as reducing circumference and improving contour of the treated area by firming skin tone.

During the treatment the skins dermis and hypodermis is gradually heated, it is by this controlled thermal stress that results are achieved over time.

VelaShape™ targets cellulite by heating the hypodermis, this heat increases the metabolism of fat cells which in turn makes them shrink and also results in tightening of the skin. The vacuum and roller massage increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage thus leaving the skins surface smoother.


During the treatment the skins dermis and hypodermis is gradually heated and the mechanical rollers feel similar to massage.  Velaspray lotion is applied to the treatment area to ensure the hand-piece glides smoothly whilst adding moisture to the skin.

This non-invasive treatment has no downtime, and is a relatively painless procedure and safe on all skin colours.

With a course of 4-6 treatments it is possible to reduce the appearance of cellulite and experience circumference reduction and improved contour. With maintenance treatments every 1 to 6 months it is possible to keep the cellulite away along with promoting smoother and firmer skin.

Summary of Your Treatment

Procedure Time
30-90 mins
Back To Normal Activity
syringe icon
None required
Full Recovery
None, slight bruising or swelling
Social Engagements
As normal
Gradually from 1-4 months
Duration Of Results
6-18 months, longer
Risks & Complications
Tenderness, bruising, swelling
24 hrs avoid steam, sauna & massage


The first step before any treatment is a full consultation to identify your needs and examine your individual skin, features and proportions. During this time treatment options or a treatment plan will be devised along with the expected results, associated risks and downtime.
Time will be given to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our impartial advice gives you options and choices that you can balance with the time and budget you have available.
We maintain our excellence by keeping at the forefront of the evolving medical and aesthetic industries. We effectively deliver our services and treatments at an affordable price without ever compromising quality or safety.


Our ethos is to ensure a relaxed, safe and comfortable treatment. We apply techniques to swerve pain and minimise discomfort whilst maximising the results. Where appropriate we cleanse the area, apply topical anaesthetics and cooling tips for comfort.
We apply techniques gained from extensive training and years of clinical experience to minimise any downtime so you can resume normal activity as soon as possible. We strive where possible to have you leaving the clinic looking photo ready!
Be the best version of you, make your Skin Consultation appointment and let the journey begin.

We offer expert aesthetic treatments at a reasonable price and never compromise safety or quality of products.

  1 Session 4 Session Package
Chin / Elbow Lift £100 £300
Bra Roll £150 £450
Upper Arms £200 £600
Abdomen £250 £750
Flanks £200 £600
360° midsection From £400  From £1200 
Chest (men only) From £200 From £600
Knee Lift £100 £300
Front Thighs £250 £750
Back Thighs £250 £750
360° Thighs From £400 From £1200
Within a Skin Consultation at the Mayfair Practice we can identify your needs, assess your skin and create a bespoke treatment plan. All of your questions will be answered and all treatment options fully explained.
Book your 30 minute Skin Consultation and let the journey begin, 020 7408 1164
New Patients, a £50 deposit required to secure your appointment, fully redeemable against any treatment or skincare product.
Please note 24 hours notice is required to change or cancel an appointment to avoid a cancellation charge.
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Our Philosophy:

To provide quick and easy access to expert medical services and aesthetic treatments when you need them.

Our Vision:

To maintain excellence and keep at the forefront of the evolving medical and aesthetic industries.

Our Values:

To balance expert medical services and aestheitc treatments with an affordable price which is accessible to all.


Perfectly aligned aesthetic beauty and well-being.

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We are discreetly located in Mayfair, with Bond Street and Marble Arch Tube stations only a few minutes walk. Nestled between Selfridges and Grosvenor Square, we are neighbours to Harley Street’s Private Medical District.

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