Travel Vaccine Clinic

Our Travel Vaccine Clinic offers most types of vaccines for protection whilst travelling abroad. A registration and medical history is taken by one of our doctors who shall then administer the vaccines depending on your needs.

An appointment is not always required, however appointments can be made in advance to ensure the vaccines are readily available.

There is a £50 consultation charge, which includes discussion of the travel, vaccine and delivering the injection. The vaccine cost is additional to the consultation fee.

Vaccine Protection Information Price per dose

Hepatitis A (Havrix)

1 dose protects for 1 year, a 2nd dose within 6-12 months of 1st dose protects for 10 years A disease transmitted through contaminated food or water, spread via the faecal/oral route. This disease occurs world-wide although there is a higher incidence in the developing world where hygiene may be poor.

When: Two to four weeks before travel. £70
Hepatitis B

3 vaccines given over 6 months protects for 5 years. 1st dose day 1, 2nd day 28, 3rd after 6 weeks from 1st dose. This infection is transmitted through sexual contact or contact with blood or blood products. Vaccination is recommended for people spending long periods of time in endemic areas. People with high-risk occupations working abroad should also be vaccinated (such as doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers etc).

When: Ideally six weeks before travel. £60
Hepatitis A & B

3 vaccines given over 6 months protects for 5 years. 1st dose day 1, 2nd after 6 weeks, 3rd after 6 months from 1st dose.

See Hep A & Hep B above £80

Hepatitis A & Typhoid Protects from Typhoid for 3 years.

2 vaccines given over 6 months protects for Hep A for 10 years, administered as above. A disease transmitted through food or water contaminated with infected faeces. Recommended for those travelling to areas with poor hygiene/ limited access to safe food & water in lower risk areas.

When: Two weeks before travel. £85

Japanese Encephalitis

2 doses, 1st on day 1, 2nd 7-14 days later, protects for 3 years A mosquito-borne disease occurring in areas of the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. This vaccine is recommended for travellers spending long periods in rural areas (> four weeks) or making repeated visits to rural areas during the high-risk transmission

When: Six weeks prior to travel. £120
Diphtheria & Tetanus & Polio

1 dose gives 10 years protection A Polio booster is recommended every 10 years for travel to areas outside of Europe, Australasia or the Americas. Tetanus booster needed every ten years for travel to areas where immediate treatment may not be available, or after a cut or injury. A disease of close contact (transmitted through droplets in the air). Vaccine is recommended for those who will be in close contact with infected people in endemic areas (much of the developing world and the former states of the USSR)

When: Anytime before departure. £60
Kenalog 1 dose required per year. This injection gives great relief to those suffering severe symptoms of Hayfever or other allergies. £60

Meningitis ACWY- legally required for Hajj & Jeddah

1 dose gives 5 years protection for adults/children over age 5, effective after 10-14 days. 2nd dose required for children under age of 5 or those at high risk. This vaccine is mandatory for pilgrims travelling to Saudi Arabia for either the Hajj or Umra. A disease transmitted by droplets in the air. Recommended for travellers who will be in close contact with local people in risk areas. Meningitis occurs in a belt across Africa during the dry season and periodic epidemics occur elsewhere. Vaccine covers four strains of Meningitis.

When: Two to three weeks prior to travel. £70


3 doses required £80


1 dose protects for 5 years £50

Seasonal Flu Vaccination

1 dose protects for 1 year. Recommended every year from September, effective after 10 days. £30

Anti-Malarial Tablets for which a prescription is given, dose varies on type of tablet prescribed.

A private prescription for anti-Malarial drugs is included if required with vaccinations

For anti-Malarial private prescription only a £30 fee applies