Semi-permanent Make up


Meena Wickes – London’s Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist – Bespoke Brow Boutique


Imagine waking up everyday looking fresh and defined without the need to put make-up on…..imagine no more as its easily achieved with semi permanent make-up. This technique involves placing fine particles of pigment a few millimetres deep in the skin to define your eyes, eyebrow or lips. Unlike conventional tattooing semi permanent make-up lasts for 1 to 3 years and gives a naturally stunning and enhanced look. So wake up looking great, work out at the gym without smudging your make up or simply enjoy an extra 30 minutes in bed each morning!



Meena Wickes is our semi permanent make-up specialist here at Londons’ Mayfair Practice, her treatments will instantly boost your appearance whether you choose to enhance thin, non-existent brows, add a splash of colour to your lips, or to add definition and volume to your lash-line to enhance your eyes.



As you are unique Meena offers free consultations to discuss any questions you may have about the treatment and she can also give advice on the best look to enhance your own natural features. Simply call 020 7408 1164 to book your no-obligation consultation or email any questions you may have to

Meena uses a blend of fine pigments to create an individual colour and look to suit the needs and features of each client. She uses a high performance digital micropigmentation device which has disposible implantation cartridges and highly effective topical anaesthetic creams to ensure your safety and comfort. The treatment takes approximately 1 to 1½ hours, and this includes time for the numbing anaesthetic cream to take effect to ensure your comfort.



Eyebrow enhancement – Meena uses individual hair strokes to correct, add shape, definition and impact to the brow area. The perfect colour is selected depending on your natural skin and hair colour. The use of hair strokes is the most natural effect, however you can always go for a high impact power brow by adding further hair strokes, the choice is yours!



Eyelash/eye enhancement – Meena creates a fine line in the lash line to naturally define your eyes. You can opt for a slightly thicker line to give extra definition, and a choice of colours are available from violet, green, browns or black.



Lip liner/colour blush – Meena corrects, defines and improves the shape of your lip line then blends the colour into the lip to give a natural blush of colour. However if you want a bolder look you can opt for a stronger colour that appears more like a lipstick, either way with a slick of lip balm or clear gloss you have kissable lips with lasting colour!

View some of our before and after shots here

After the treatment you will be given aftercare instructions and a cream to apply to the treatment area (lips and eyebrows only). You can go back to your normal activities however sun-tanning, swimming, steam and saunas should be avoided until the area has healed. Unlike conventional tattoing there is no downtime as the pigment is superficially implanted therefore there is no scabbing of the area.



After the initial treatment you are invited back after 4 weeks for a colour re-touch, this is normal practice as extra pigment is added to impact the colour and any minor adjustments can be made at this time.

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