Mole Removal by Radiowave



The most effective non-surgical treatment for the removal of moles, skin-tags and some birthmarks is with Radiowave or also known as Radiosurgery technology. Radiowave can also be used to treat thread and spider veins on the face and body. Dr Masani and Dr Jones at the Mayfair Practice in London are two of very few practitioners within the UK that use Radiowave to remove moles, which is not only a comfortable and quick procedure but is usually scar-free. The mole removal without scarring is most important when removing moles from the face , a procedure which Dr Masani has several decades experience with.


The most important factor to consider is correct identification of the mole that is to be removed which both Dr Masani and Dr Jones will do by examining the mole under a dermascope. Usually most moles are perfectly normal and harmless, if however there is any concern the removed mole can be sent to our laboratory where it can be analysed to rule out abnormalities and skin cancers for your peace of mind.



The removal of a mole involves a fine platinum wire, as thin as the human hair, to be electrically charged with radiowaves and brushed lightly over the area. This removes the layer of mole, skin-tag or birthmark and coagulates the blood vessels so that the wound does not bleed. Immediately after the treatment the area will be reddish as if you have wounded the skins surface and then the healing process will begin and a small scab will appear. After a week or so the new skin will be visible and with time will fade to match the surrounding tissue. This treatment is made painless by the use of injecting local anaesthetic and usually leaves none to minimal scarring and requires no suturing.



Treatment of thread and spider veins is done with a fine needle that is inserted into the vein and after two weeks of healing, they are no longer unsightly.

The first two images were taken on 30.10.07, the last image was taken on 12.2.08. The mole was quite large and raised, however only three months post removal no trace of the mole can be seen.


Benefits of Radiowave or Radiosurgery to remove moles::


  1. Rapid healing.
  2. Minimal or no bleeding.
  3. Usually no scarring or minimal scarring that is aesthetically pleasing
  4. Swift treatment time.
  5. Safe, effective and here at the Mayfair Practice we strive to make the treatment painless.


Up to 4 moles can be removed in one treatment session

Dr Jones - £500* (usually up to 4 removals in one session) - Wed only
Dr Masani - £500* (usually up to 4 removals in one session)
* Please note New Patients require a pre-treatment consultation, fee £180 if treatment taken with Dr Masani (Medical Director). Dr Jones (Cosmetic Doctor) pre-treatment skin consultation is £120, please call 020 7408 1164 to book your appointment now.

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