Health Screens

The Mayfair Practice offers a few levels of Health Screens, which are designed to give a good insight and overview of your general health.

However if you have a particular concern or family history of a certain health risk then we can tailor the screen specifically.


 The Health Screens take approximately 1 hour and options are:

  • Full Health Screen – more in-depth health screen
  • Body MOT – overview and assessment of general health and well-being
  • Well-man Screen – designed to access testosterone levels and male orientated health functions
  • Well-woman Screen – designed to give insight to hormonal well being
  • Cardiac Risk Profile – includes blood tests specifically targeted to the cardiac function


The Full Health Screen includes all of the below:

  • Health check questionnaire
  • Height & Weight measurements
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Resting Blood Pressure & Resting ECG**
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Test)**
  • Urinalysis, stools & occult blood
  • Instruction in self-examination
  • Full Blood Screen

Full Blood Screen  includes:

  • Haematology & Biochemistry
  • Kidney Function, Liver Function, Blood Glucose & Cholesterol (Lipids)
  • Thyroid Function & F.S.H (follicle stimulating hormone/Sex Function)
  • Vitamin D Screen


Included for MEN:

  • Testicular Examination
  • Prostate Examination
  • PSA Test – for the risk of Prostate Cancer (over 45 years of age or if clinically indicated)


Included for WOMEN: ( a female member of staff will be present for your comfort) Breast Examination

  • Pelvic Examination
  • Cervical Smear Urine and stool specimens are required for which sample containers will be provided.


** ECG and Spirometry are excluded from Well-man & Well- woman screens

A detailed report is given after a Full Health Screen or Well-Man/Woman Screen which include recommendations to improve your health along with copies of blood reports and any other results of tests which may have been taken.

The report is produced 7 workings days after the appointment date, which allows time for blood results to be returned from the laboratories and other tests added if clinically indicated. The report can either be sent to you by first class post, emailed or picked up from the practice.


Health Screen Prices start from £400