Flu Vaccine


It is recommended that the Flu vaccines should be administered annually to ensure health and well-being against common Flu during the winter months. It is especially beneficial for the:

elderly – those over 65 years of age
those with respiratory weakness
Asthmatics or those with chronic respiratory conditions
those with a weak immune system
those with Renal Disease
It is available from September/October, please call in advance if you wish to reserve a flu vaccine.

Pregnant women or those with allergies to egg may not be suitable for the Flu vaccine.

The Mayfair Practice has the vaccines in stock so call for an appointment today or just walk-in. A questionnaire must be filled in to ensure your suitability for the vaccine before it can be administered, however the whole process takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

Flu Vaccine £15 - available from mid September 2016