Anti-wrinkle Injectables


Lifestyle factors, age, genetics and sun-damage all play a role in the ageing and premature ageing of our skin. Here at the Mayfair Practice in London we offer a diverse range of aesthetics treatments to achieve a natural and youthful look. To smooth out lines and wrinkles there are various treatments available and you have peace of mind that we select the right treatment for you by balancing your desire and expectations with what is medically and aesthetically correct for you.
Botox® is a quick, simple non-surgical procedure that smoothes away deep persistent lines and wrinkles on your face and other areas of the body. This procedure is excellent for crows-feet, lines between your brows, lines around the mouth, lines on the chest area and is also effective at giving lift to the breast area. Botox® works by relaxing the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles and lasts from 3 to 6 months or more. The dramatic results are apparent within days of the treatment, with optimum results after two weeks.



Botox® or Azzalure® can also be used to prevent excessive perspiration on the underarms and scalp. A series of fine needle injections are given to the areas where you wish to prevent sweating and last from 4 to 6 months or more.



Dr Masani MBBS uses the advanced method of Botox® that can be applied to achieve a lift of the nose, improve the shape of the jawline and jowls as well as improving sleep lines on the cheeks. It is also possible to use Botox® to prevent too much of the top gums being exposed when you smile. Dr Daina Jones MD has trained extensively with Dr Masani and has attended the Aesthetics Masterclass by Allergan and is highly skilled to deliver Botox® at the Mayfair Practice. Whichever practitioner you choose be assured that you will have great natural looking results!

Simply call 020 7408 1164 to book an appointment for the treatment. If you are unsure as to what treatments may be right for you then come along and have a chat and get some of your questions answered by booking a free 30 minute skin consultation with Dr Jones, please note a fully refundable £50 deposit required to book your appointment.

The Magic of Botox Video

At the Mayfair Practice it is part of our ethos to ensure a relaxed, safe and comfortable treatment by giving time for your questions and concerns to be discussed. Then as part of the procedure your face is cleansed using Agera® products, which are a premium range of medical strength nanotechnology anti-ageing products. A topical anaesthetic gel is then applied to the treatment area along with cooling of the skin with cool packs to minimise discomfort. The Botox® is then injected with fine needles to the target areas which are mapped out on the face and recorded in your notes for future treatments. Techniques gained from years of experience built upon extensive training and treatment workshops are incorporated into the procedure to minimise the risk of bleeding and bruising. These have proved very successful which enables patients to have treatments and return to their daily activities with no noticeable effects other than great results.



Botox® or Azzalure® can also be used to prevent excessive perspiration on the underarms. Botox® is produced by Allergan and Azzalure® is produced by a Galderma, yet they are essentially the same. Depending on each individual the injections will be delivered via fine needles or with the U225 device. Whichever method is adopted be assured that topical anaesthetic gel is applied to the treatment area along with cooling of the skin with cool packs to minimise discomfort

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