Allergy Blood Screening

It is recognised in today’s society that climate, food technology/preparation and dietary habits that allergies are becoming more common.

The Mayfair Practice offers comprehensive Allergy screens that assist individuals in determining their type and level of allergies.

This is a useful tool to help individuals avoid those factors in which they are allergic in order to minimise the impact on their lifestyle and general well-being.  There are numerous allergy screens that can be determined from a simple blood test along with other screens that are not strict allergy screen yet are other  indicators that may need correcting to include:

  • Gluten Tolerance – IGE Blood Screen
  • Food / Inhalant – Allergy Blood Screen*
  • Vitamin D Screen
  • Vitamin B12 Screen
  • H.Pylori Screen

*This screen also gives the total IgE levels, this means that if there is an allergy to a factor that is not specifically included in the screen it will be indicated, however it is not specific to what the allergy is to, therefore further testing maybe required.
The results can take upto two weeks and are given in a ratio between 0 and 5, 5 being highly allergic.
The fee for allergy screening depends on the amount of intolerances being screened for, prices upon request within a doctor consultation.